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Full Action Hose

"Eat A Pizza Bubble"

aka Eat a Pizza Boil

Words and Music: Full Action Hose copyright 1996

There is actually controversy surrounding this song. Every GREAT BAND has controversy. The pizza bubble is the portion of the crust deformed in a convex manner by the expansion of the dough whilst in the oven. Jim, Paul and Rick were of the opinion that the word was always supposed to be "boil". I did say boil originally, when the pepperoni pizza was delivered and was being consumed. However, what may be acceptable imaginative slang among friends (or co-workers, or band mates), may not be suitable for general consumption. Not to mention digestion. I prefer "bubble" and these are my lyrics. (Update!! I've been told by a reliable source that there are additional lyrics, and he has the tapes to prove it. As soon as the legal department is able to verify this claim and authenticate these lyrics, I will post them)

Guitar Intro

Verse 1:

Some people like gyros when they're drunk

sour cream it goes ker-plunk

on your shirt and on your shoes

with a pizza bubble you just can't loose


Eat a pizza bubble

Eat a pizza bubble

Eat a pizza bubble

Verse 2:

I got a pizza strait to my door

cost 8.99 who could ask for more?

I got pepperoni I got tomat'ers

I got a pizza bubble, see ya later (chorus)

Verse 3:

Some guys write song about their girls

I don't go in for all those frills

I write about cheese

I write about dough

Got a problem with that?

C'mon...lets go! (chorus)

Verse 4:

Derek was I guy I knew in school

He wrote songs that were pretty cool

He wrote about kiwis

He wrote about Love

I take it all one step above (chorus)

Verse 5:

Neighbors called the cops, they tried to shut us down

"Hey boys! What's that sound?"

We gave him a slice

He liked it alot

No more doughnuts for that cop! (repeat chorus to end)